SCAPTA-PAC is the sole fundraising body that works to influence state legislators to champion PT legislative interests in South Carolina.  The PAC also works to encourage input and participation by its members in the political process.

SCAPTA-PAC should not be confused with APTA's PT-PAC, the national political action committee that is devoted to championing PT issues at the federal level with members of the U.S. Congress.  Donations to SCAPTA-PAC go toward promoting the PT profession here in the Palmetto state!

Ways You Can Make A Difference:

1. Make a Donation

Contributions that come from a personal checking account or from a personal credit card can be used for campaign contributions to candidates running for the state legislature or to state political parties. 100% of personal contributions received from SCAPTA members go directly to candidates running for the state legislature who are responsive to the physical therapy profession's goals and viewpoints. Contributions can also be accepted from clinics and companies.  

One Time Donation

Recurring Donation


2. Get Involved:

  • Host a Fundraiser Event 
    • Fundraisers are an important opportunity to build your relationship with your statehouse representative, state senator, and their staff. It takes time, effort, and work by many individuals to have a successful fundraiser. Click above for some tools to help facilitate a fundraiser in your state.
  • Become An Active Leader
    • Become a Member of APTA South Carolina's Political Action Committee
    • Be A Key Contact
  • Build A Relationship with Your State Legislator by
    • Attending or conducting a Meeting
    • Corresponding in a letter, email, social media, or phone
  • Know Your State Issues and Legislators
  • Visit the South Carolina Legislature webpage at

For questions or if you are interested in making a difference, email the Executive Office at