Our Leadership


Kristen Mason, PT, DPT, OCS Kristen Mason, PT, DPT, OCS
Kristen Vick, PT, DPT Kristen Vick, PT, DPT
Aaron Embry, PT, DPT, MSCR Aaron Embry, PT, DPT, MSCR
Immediate Past-President
Jessica Jacobs, PT, DPT, NCS Jessica Jacobs, PT, DPT, NCS
Tracie Rodak, PT, MHA Tracie Rodak, PT, MHA
Amber Gadow, PT, DPT, PCS Amber Gadow, PT, DPT, PCS
Chief Delegate
Samantha Martel, PT, DPT Samantha Martel, PT, DPT
Jeremiah Blankenship, PT, DPT Jeremiah Blankenship, PT, DPT
Marissa Slate, PT, DPT, PCS Marissa Slate, PT, DPT, PCS
Edward 'Ty' Collier, PT, DPT Edward 'Ty' Collier, PT, DPT
Rochelle Bragg, PTA Rochelle Bragg, PTA
Barney Keitt, PTA, MHA Barney Keitt, PTA, MHA
PTA Caucus Representative
Rob Rowe, PT, DPT, DMT, MHS Rob Rowe, PT, DPT, DMT, MHS
APTA Board Liaison
Kelly Lass Kelly Lass
Executive Director

If you have a question about a committee or wish to contact a committee chair, please send a mesage to info@scapta.org.



Bylaws Committee:

  • Marilyn Swygert
  • Mollie Barrow


  • Amber Gadow, Chief Delegate
  • Lisa Saladin
  • Adam Smith
  • Abbey Sullivan
  • Janet Shelley
  • Kristen Mason (alternate) 

District Chairs:

  • Low Country:  Catherine VanDerWerker and Laura Baird, co-chairs
  • Lower Coastal: Mary Benedict and Karen Monstein, co-chairs
  • Midlands: Cathy Arnot and Jonathan Donley, co-chairs  
  • Pee-Dee: vacant
  • Upstate: Jeremiah Blankenship and Vivian Dunlop, co-chairs
  • Grand Strand: Samantha Martel and David Haught, co-chairs

Ethics Committee:

  • Barbara Wilson
  • Sara Kraft

Federal Affairs: 

  • Tristan Faile

Finance Committee:

  • Tracie Rodak, Treasurer
  • Vivian Dunlop
  • Trudy Messer
  • Teresa Garrick

Health Promotion and Wellness:

  • Patrick Berner
  • Yves Gege
  • Reed Handlery
  • Ryan Maddrey
  • Patrice Hazen
  • Sara Young
  • Chris Studebaker
  • Kyle Thibodeaux

Legislative Committee:

  • Aaron Embry, Chair
  • Jeff Askins
  • Amber Gadow
  • Ulysses Juntilla
  • Chris Wilson
  • Alicia Flach
  • Tristan Faile
  • Will Reeside
  • Kristin Vick
  • Gretchen Seif
  • Jim Sroker
  • Kristen Mason
  • James Newman
  • Jim Floyd


  • Adam Lutz, Chair
  • Jim Stoker
  • Janet Shelley
  • Robbie Leonard 

Membership Committee:

  • Adam Smith
  • Jason St. Clair
  • Steve Prince
  • Laura Keys
  • Mardell Bates

Newsletter Committee:

  • Kelly Crapps

Nominating Committee:

  • Shari Tanner, Chair
  • Ryan Maddrey

Payment and Policy Committee:

  • Nicole Kluckhohn, Chair
  • Robbie Leonard
  • Derek White
  • Marilyn Swygert
  • Tracie Rodak
  • Erica Rouvalis
  • Bob Carpenter
  • Janet Shelley

Program Committee:

  • Jessica Jacobs, Chair
  • Trudy Messer
  • Aaron Embry
  • Gretchen Seif
  • Kevin Green
  • Chris Franz
  • Crystal Burnett
  • Kyle Hopfsberger

Public Relations Committee:

  • Heather Connor, Chair
  • Max Jordan

Research and Education Committee:

  • Catherine VanDerwerker, Chair
  • Taylor Powell
  • Cindy Buchannon
  • Addie Middleton
  • Nathanial Moore
  • Bryant Seamon
  • Adam Lutz