2023 5x5s

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The 5×5 presentations will occur on Friday, March 24th.  We are continuing the recent move to use the electronic format called a 5×5 presentation
instead of the traditional poster format.  Submissions are due by November 1st to the APTA SC office at info@aptasc.org

We are excited to announce that APTA-SC will recognize one submission with the Outstanding Research Presentation Award. Winners will be announced at the business meet on Saturday, March 25th. The winning 5×5 presentation will win up to two free conference registrations for the 2024 APTA-SC annual conference.

Presentations must be limited to 5 minutes maximum each for the presentation and no more than 5 content slides and 1 title slide.  References should be in full at the bottom of the relevant slide.  Do not include a reference slide.  You will be required to submit your final 5 slides prior to the conference.  As you prepare, remember that your presentation is limited to five (5) minutes.  Please practice so that you can maintain that time frame.  This allows time for Q&A, at the end of all presentations.

5 x 5 presentations are reports in which information is summarized using brief written statements and graphic materials, such as photographs, charts, graphs, and/or diagrams.  Speakers will be assigned a specific 5 minute time when they must present their research using slides and to be available to answer questions.  Presentation may address:

  • Research Reports: presentations of original scientific data of any established research format (e.g., case studies, clinical trials, descriptive studies, single-subject designs, qualitative methods, etc.)
  • Special Interest Reports: presentations of unique and innovative concepts, ideas, devices, or products developed meet the special needs of physical therapy. Ways in which these reports can be expressed include case reports, case studies, and reports of projects. Emphasis should be on the unique and innovative nature of the concept or idea presented. All special interest reports must contain data or evaluative information either collected or developed by the author(s) that address the idea, concept, device, or product presented. Reports that are limited to a “proposed” idea, concept, device or product are not appropriate for submission and will not be considered for presentation.
  • Theory Reports: presentations of a theory, idea, concept, or model that describes a foundation for the practice of physical therapy. “Theory is a general, abstract body of interrelated principles, concepts, and constructs that present a systematic, scientifically acceptable view of phenomena. Theory is conjecture that is inferred from a set of logical propositions that, in turn, are based on empirically derived evidence. Acceptable scientific theory is internally consistent, empirically testable, parsimonious, and congruous with existing knowledge. Theory also should be important scientifically.” (Krebs DE, Harris SR, Herdman SJ, Michels E. Theory in physical therapy. Phys Ther. 1986; 66:661-662.)


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Please email completed applications by November 1st, 2022 to info@aptasc.org.